2500 Lakeshore Blvd

Ypsilanti, Mi 48198

734-883-4408 innovagolfer@yahoo.com

February Hours- also by appointment, just call now we can open often!

Monday 12-5pm

Wednesday 12:30-4:30pm

Friday 12p-5p

Saturday 11-4/Sunday 11-3

All weather! Free course open daily, daylight hours.

MVP New Release August 5th- PRE Order! $ave!

Coming August 5th- pre order to reserve and save money.
Neutron Energy- 23mm Super Overstable Driver
Proton Vanish
Proton Octane
Bottle Opener
Metal Mini Putters
The Claw- disc retrievernews_160717_header501

Help us stop the Nexus Pipeline

Help us stop the Nexus Pipeline from destroying the course!
Spectra and DTE plan to build a 36″ Natural Gas pipeline right down the middle of A-B next year, if they get government approval. They will cut down 20+ trees, and close 8 holes for the summer. We cannot allow this to happen. If you don’t want to see this happen to the course, please help by writing a letter to FERC, the Federal Energy Regulation Committee.
Please go to www.nopipelies.org (that’s LIES as in these people lie to get their way)!, and find out how to submit an electronic letter to FERC. You will need the docket number.

Red/White/Blue Sale- Sunday+Monday!

We’ll be open the 4th of July- but may close an hour early.
Sale! Sunday 7/3 through Monday, the 4th of July.

Everything that is either red, white, or blue is 10% off, everything that is any 2 of those colors is 20% off, anything that has all 3 colors is 30% off!*
*Excludes food/drink, backpacks, and bags. Everything else included!

July 4th- OPEN

We plan to be open on the 4th of July (possibly closing 1 hour early), and will have normal hours on the weekend preceding!

New MVP Backpack and discs!

Taking pre-orders (call us or come in), out July 1st.
Voyager Backpack- 139.99$
Thrill- new 21.55 mm driver- overstable.
Catalyst- new 23mm driver- understable.

New Employee

Introducing our new employee, Cassidy. He will be working a few days a month for us, so take it easy on him! He is well-experienced in disc golf and can answer your questions, as well as do custom dyes (sometimes even immediately, while you wait). Just ask him!cm1

Sale announcement+ NEW MVP!

Sale- Saturday through Monday-
*20% off bags (excluding backpacks) and apparel.
*Double Stamps on Discs

Friday 5/27- NEW MVP- Nitro, Octane and Defy.
The Nitro and Octane are the FASTEST MVP discs yet, with a 23mm rim for maximum distance. The Defy is Axiom’s new driver designed to fit between the Photon and the Wave. We have plenty of each, come try the demo!

Hot new MVP coming- preorder now!

Coming May 27th- the first MVP discs with a 23mm wide rim, for maximum distance. Introducing the Nitro and Octane.

Nitro- a faster Photon.

Octance- a faster Wave.

Also, the new Axiom Defy- a disc to fit between the Photon and Wave in flight.

Pre-order in store or call the store!

New stuff!

New this week-

Vibram Onyx- an understable, lightweight beginner driver.

Pro Thunderbird- 2014 “Disc of the Year” now in Pro plastic.

S-line DDx- Discmania’s highly anticipated new driver.

Star Mirage- Innova’s newest Putt&Approach, understable.

Sportsack- a new way to keep hands dry.

Pipeline Map

Urgent Help Needed

If you want to see The Ponds at Lakeshore remain a disc golf course, and us here to serve your needs, READ!

This, finally found it, is the official proposed route of the Nexus Pipeline. They plan to start construction in a year or less!
It would wipe-out 2 or more holes permanently, and shut down up to 8 holes for at least an entire disc golf season. Not to mention the traffic, dust, vibration and safety concerns during, and of course, after construction.
If this happens, it will permanently ruin the course and temporarily make it nearly impossible to operate, may even shut it down.

YOU can help! Write a letter to FERC- the federal energy regulation committee- the same one in the pocket of the big oil industry.

Write to FERC! http://nopipelies.org/resources/ferc-information/

This pipeline is not needed- even the CEO of the company joked about why they’re even bothering to build it when the demand is not there. It would run within 1,000 ft of 3 schools in this county. It would transport fracked oil to Canada, to be sold on the open market, possibly to other countries. There is only harm and destruction for locals. They have no right to do this.

Please look up www.nopipelies.org and No Nexus Pipeline on Facebook. That’s NoPipeLIES.org.