Covid-19 Safety

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About the Store (see below for About the Course):

We are under a Michigan Health Order.

1. Masks are required to enter the store. We can provide a mask. You may pick up an online order w/o a mask, call upon arrival if will be left outside away from the entrance for you.

2. We will limit customers inside to 6 at a time.

3. We ask only those actively shopping enter. If just with someone else but not shopping please wait for them outside.

4. Please follow social distancing inside and out.

5. Do not enter if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, are sick or have been sick recently.

6. Please sanitize your hands, or put on a fresh pair of disposable gloves to handle the merchandise. We have hand sanitizer and masks available.

7. Those with a legitimate medical issue not allowing them to wear a mask face may order online and pick up outside.

About the Course:

There are rules you must follow to be allowed to play here during this time. Failure to follow the rules may mean being asked to leave. We need to do this to protect us, our customers, and the ability to have the course remain open.

1. Social distancing as per MI Health Dept order. Stay 6 feet apart from those not in your household, whether you're worried about Covid or not, please. Do not share items. If you cannot maintain social distance, you must wear a mask. 
2. No leagues or organized gatherings.

All other course rules as normal still apply.

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