Shop OPEN again! Read on for our store procedures, thank you.

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*Automatic 5% off most items for curbside pickup and delivery orders placed online!*

We have over 1,500 discs on order. It's a TOUGH time getting inventory in right now as you can imagine but we're on top of it as best as anyone can be during these times.

About the Store (see below for About the Course):

In-store sales have resumed! See hours by the map on the front page. There are many guidelines in place we must follow to be able to resume business and keep you, and my family, safe.

1. Masks are required to enter the store. However we can also help you out, outside at a table. 

2. We must limit customers inside to 5 at a time. 

3. Please do not enter without checking that it is OK first (ask at door), due to capacity limit.

4. We ask only those actively shopping, or in need of the restrooms to enter.

5. Please follow social distancing inside and out.

6. Do not enter if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, are sick or have been sick recently.

7. We would actually prefer to have anyone who can shop online and then pick up their order outside still do so.

8. Please either wash, sanitize your hands, or put on a fresh pair of disposable gloves to handle the merchandise. We have sinks to wash hands and hand sanitizer enough for some time and masks to provide if you don't have one.

Automatic 5% off all all discs (excluding pre order/new releases as they drop) and some other items too when you order online. Pick up outside, or get delivery. Not applicable for in-store sales. This will help encourage picking up an orders outside, allowing others to shop and keep the traffic inside at a safe minimum.

About the Course:

There are rules you must follow to be allowed to play here during this time under the executive order. Failure to follow the rules may mean being asked to leave and could mean having to close the course again. We need to do this to protect us, our customers, and the ability to have the course remain open.


1. Social-distancing is required, at all times. Stay 6 feet apart from anyone outside of your household, even your best bud you're playing with, even if you rode here together. Thank you.

2. No groups/gatherings larger than 6. The only exception is for parents with their many children. For example, you cannot have a group of 3 adults and 4 kids. But you may have 2 adults and 5 kids.

3. You must leave by dark. If you have to ask if it's dark, it's dark.

4. No leagues without approval first.

5. Practice baskets/tables are closed. All other course rules as normal still apply.

If we can't get good compliance, we will bring back stricter rules. It's neccessary to protect having the course remain open!


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