Course+Curbside pickup OPEN. Please READ all of blog.

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OPEN Memorial Day until 5:30pm

In-store sales resume the next day, see updated blog this evening.

About the Course (see last part for About the Store):

There are rules you must follow to be allowed to play here during this time under the executive order. Failure to follow the rules may mean being asked to leave and could mean having to close the course again, if you know you won't follow the rules please don't come here until the order is lifted. We need to do this to protect us, our customers, and the ability to have the course remain open.


1. Everyone must follow all social distancing laws at all times. No sharing a smoke, no standing within 6 feet of someone outside your household at any time. We ask people to park away from another vehicle whenever that is possible.

2. You must leave the parking lot by 8pm.

3. Groups are limited to 4 per hole. No leagues of any kind, no $ or discs passed between players.

4. All putts inside 2m are gimmes, please don't tap them out.

5. Practice baskets/warming up putting on a course basket is prohibited. No tables are open to use.

About the Store:

1. We can legally do curbside pickups which will take place in front of the shop. You can order online and select that as a shipping option then contact us to set a time or make sure we're there or see hours on the front page by the map.

2. You can show up in line and order via phone or talk to us across the table and we'll do our best to find what you need, ring you up and get you on your way!

3. We will have markings and signs explaining what to do when you walk up. Please remain 6+ feet away from everyone else at all times. We have a sytem where you walk up to the table, talk to us, we fulfill or make an order for you, then we step back and you walk up and take the items then walk back out. There are spots marked 1-5 to stand waiting in line and a dotted path to walk on. If this is followed, no one will ever get within 6 feet of anyone else.

4. We prefer credit and paypal but may be able to take cash. Receipts if needed will all be digital. 

5. For the safety of the next customer, my family, and online- customers, you won't be allowed to touch any items before sale, but if we can you will be able to view the item.

6. No one can step up to the door, or enter the building during this time for any reason, even the bathrooms sorry. We may have the door open for better communication but please do not approach the door.

7. Frequent Flyer cards will be given out still but we won't be stamping or cashing in existing cards. You can combine them later and none dated march-april will expire soon.

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