2500 Lakeshore Blvd

Ypsilanti, Mi 48198

734-883-4408 innovagolfer@yahoo.com

August Hours

M-F 10:30a-6:45p

Sa-Su 9:30a-5:45p

Also by appointment CALL any time! Open all weather! Free course open daily, daylight hours.

Friday 8/10 *Double Stamps Day*

Get 2 stamps with each disc, so your free disc is earned after just 6 discs! Friday 8/10 only. New discs only.

Celebrating 9 years!

Today we’ve been open for 9 years!
So to celebrate, get your FREE disc with your 9th stamp on your Frequent Flyer Card (Thursday 7/12 only). Then on Friday 7/13- get a FREE Throw Shop T-Shirt with any 40$+ purchase.

*30 holes again*

New holes A-F are installed! Come play the new 30 hole layout, the original A-F have finally been replaced with some new holes, a twist on the old ones.

*Pre Order* “Shop” tab.

MVP’s first truly OVERSTABLE midrange- the Deflector- is coming 6/29, you can pre order the special editions now!

*Memorial Day Weekend Sale*

Saturday- Monday
Open normal hours Sat-Sun, Open normal Monday but may close early.
10% off all discs, 20% off everything else excluding Zuca, Backpacks, Baskets. Plus Buy 3 used get 1 free.

OPEN Memorial Day

Yes, we’re always OPEN Memorial Day and weekend, with possibly extended hours.

*Circuit Event SOLD OUT*

We will only have 3-6 spots available the morning of the tournament, open to first in line! No more pre registration available.
Saturday, June 2nd at Pine Creek.

*Driest course SE Michigan, guaranteed!*

Our free course here is always dry, ever soggy, flooded or muddy anywhere. Perfect draining man-made sand base below the grass ensures this every time. Come out and play here after (or during) all the rain!

2018 Circuit Event

Discs update: player’s pack will be- Plasma Shock, Plasma Axis and Firm Electron Anode, plus a towel. MUST pre-register by May 17th.

MVP Circuit Event June 2nd SIGN UP NOW!

Must pre-register by 3 weeks in advance, just 30$, get a nearly 60$ player’s pack EVEN if you don’t make it to the tournament! So there’s no reason to not sign up today. Check the SHOP tab, or come in-store.