MVP/Axiom Pre Orders for January 2022

Please read before ordering- 

some of these items are just a restock- the SE Virus and Plasma Entropy/Macro Tesla are new!

1. While we always get ours very early, we cannot guarantee a timeline on these, MVP says they plan to deliver in 'late December- first few weeks of January. No cancellations after Thanksgiving.

2. MICHIGAN/OHIO residents: our site defaults to PICKUP as your shipping rate. Please change that to SHIPPING if you need it shipped. It may be easy to make this mistake especially if using a fast-checkout method so please read your total and shipping method name carefully.

3. Please leave an order note at checkout with your color/weight request and we will try very hard to match it. No blanks unless you request for a blank disc and we have them.

4. If you order anything else with this order it will all ship together once we can ship these items.

5. If you change your address please make sure you contact us.