Pre-Orders for James Conrad Discs- ETA 5-7 weeks-SOLD OUT

UPDATE: We have taken on easily twice the # of pre orders for a product as ever before. While we are not going to be out of the discs, with 100's more available when they come in, we decided to take down pre-orders already so that we can process the ones we have more efficiently to ensure better shipping times for all customers not just pre orders, as well as get the leftovers on the shelves a lot sooner. Thank you for ordering and for understanding!

About pre orders: As this item will not arrive until Mid-August or even early September, please do NOT purchase any other items with this order. If your address changes you need to contact us before we ship. MI/OH residents- PLEASE be sure to double check your shipping option! No cancellations after August 15th.

Weights/colors will be random (165-175g) unless you leave an order note in which case we will try to match the request but cannot guarantee it.

BLANKS WILL ONLY BE INCLUDED UPON REQUEST FROM NOW ON and are only available on the Non-SE models.

No Limits- go nuts!

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