XT Xero

XT Xero

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Xero to Chains in Seconds Flat!

The medium profile Xero has a similar look to an Aviar, but with a more compact feel and rounded rim that allows you to really sling this disc straight into the basket. For approach shots, this Innova putter with a bead on the rim behaves closely to a Polecat with its 0 glide and 0 fade.

Watching this disc hyzer flip to straight is a thing of beauty. And anhyzer shots are just as pretty. It just hums along and does its thing. Mild conditions or in the woods are where this disc really shines.

Choose Xero

When it comes to Innova Putters, there are several to choose from, but make sure you put the Innova Xero high on your list.

Flight rating: 2,3,0,0

XT plastic is grippy, rubber-like and tough for a baseline plastic.

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