Easter Egg Hunt *OVER- Prize Claimed!*

Update: It was found by Christopher R at about 12:30pm ET Monday. Thanks for looking!

NEW Digital Egg Hunt starts right now- this is not an April Fools prank.

Whoever finds the photo of Easter Eggs hidden among a random product's photos AND tells us which product page it's on first (using the green chat-bot icon in the bottom left corner of the website ONLY) will win a 50$ Gift Certificate! Once won, we will take this down. If not found by 11:59pm ET tonight contest ends. Good luck!

Note: The ONLY valid way to claim the prize is to be the first to tell us what product it's in using the chat-bot so we have answers coming in from only 1 time-stamp proven location.

*The on-course Egg Hunt is over- we think ALL have been found!*