Paige Shue Lucid-X Glimmer Sheriff Team V2

Paige Shue Lucid-X Glimmer Sheriff Team V2

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Our last set of Version 2 Team Series discs continue showcasing the players' creativity! This release includes Eric Oakley's Lucid-X Glimmer Felon with a bar stamp Felon featuring his silhouette, A.J. Risley's Lucid-X Glimmer Warden with a name tag stamp, Chris Clemons' Lucid-X Glimmer Verdict with a Clemonade stamp, and Paige Shue's Lucid-X Glimmer Sheriff with a sheriff's badge stamp. Each purchase helps to support each player, so be sure to pick up one or more!

Lucid-X: A slightly stiffer plastic that results in more overstable flights.
Glimmer effect: Chameleon color shift combined with a metallic glimmer effect.

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