Ellen Widboom Star Sidewinder 2021

Ellen Widboom Star Sidewinder 2021

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In 2019 Ellen covered her overstable needs with the XCal as her Tour Series disc. In 2020 she wanted a disc that would cover a wider range of shots. The 165-169g Sidewinder can be your next go-to for a wide range of shots. A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Ellen Widboom and her touring efforts.

The Sidewinder is a fast distance driver with predictable high speed turn and plenty of glide. A great out-of-the-box roller disc.

The Sidewinder is a fast flyer with a predictable high speed turn and lots of glide. This disc can add distance to anyone’s drive, but is especially useful for those with less power. The Sidewinder is one of the best discs for long turnover shots and long distance rollers. Even disc golfers who have never had much success throwing a roller shot, will be amazed at the results they can achieve with the Sidewinder.

Flight rating: 9,5,-3,1

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