Frolf Loops Halo Star Teebird3

Frolf Loops Halo Star Teebird3

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Tired of mom pouring plain and boring fairway drivers into your bag? Make your morning disc golf round a tropical adventure with the Frolf Loops Halo Innova TeeBird3 - part of the Cereal Thrillers Series. 

Each throw of the Frolf Loops TeeBird3 is a huge helping of fairway finding sweetness. When other drivers fall flat, try the disc that’s bursting with buttery fairway flavor.

*** This Marm O. Set design features 3 Stamp Colors!

How this batch of Innova TeeBird3 feels: Minimal to Modest dome typical of TeeBird3. This Halo really measures up!

More about the TeeBird3: The TeeBird3 is faster with less glide, and has the same trusted turn and fade flight ratings as the original TeeBird. In the end you get consistent, accurate flight you can depend on. Halo discs have slightly more stability and glide than their stock Star counterpart

Frolf Loops Halo TeeBird3 Ingredients:

  • Reconstituted Gut Check
  • Fortified Rubber Meets the Road Powder
  • Halo Plastic
  • Soluble Liquid Confidence

Flight rating: 8,5,0,2

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