*Pre Order* Special Edition Neutron Virus

*Pre Order* Special Edition Neutron Virus

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These may range from 150-175g marked weights.

Please note: this will be a random weight/color so if you have a weight or color request please leave an order note and we will try to match it. Otherwise, it will be random and may include any weight the disc is available in.

Axiom's Neutron Virus receives an outstanding SE this release ā€” it is not to be missed! Drawing inspiration from the cyberpunk aesthetic, Mike Inscho brings to life a group of hackers taking control of a hive of networked computers. The lived-in, low-tech vibe Mike has created effortlessly oozes style, and its realization in triple foil will make it a showstopper for GYROnauts everywhere. Hack the planet with a Virus SE!

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