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Special Edition Proton Jet

Special Edition Proton Jet

Streamline Discs

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Tired of the boring daily commute? Traffic got you down? Wish you could breathe the free air of the sky, but you’re stuck on the ground — trapped in the rat race like everyone else? Well pal, have I got news for you! Upgrade to the Streamline Proton Jet SE from Manny Trujillo today! In celebrating the retrofuture aesthetic of Streamline for the Proton Jet SE, Manny has made a fun stamp that is truly Streamline’s Jet! Launch some huge drives in style with the Proton Jet SE!

Flight rating: 11,5,-3,2

An instant hit with Streamline fans, the Jet is now available in Proton plastic! The extra durability of Proton pairs beautifully with the Jet’s easy distance for all arm speeds — this go-to driver is sure to be by your side for a long time! The Proton Jet is a phenomenal choice for players looking to add some effortless distance to their driving game. Now available in the candy colors of Proton plastic, pick up a Proton Jet and see your game take flight!

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