XXL Modern Grid DX Big Bead Aviar

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The Grid. A Digital Frontier

We’ve all seen the throwback Aviar grid stamp that has populated the DX Classic Aviar and the past DGU XXL Aviars.

It’s a classic stamp, but we thought it was time for a reimagined, modernized version with an XXL sized imprint.

We think you’ll find it visually compelling and deliciously symmetrical. This quote from the movie Tron Legacy sums up this release well:

“What does this user deserve? Might I suggest, perhaps, the challenge of The Grid?” 


More about the discDX Aviar Big Bead


Flight: Not a current stock disc, you can only find this disc in select special offerings. The Aviar Driver is made from the Big Bead driver mold, which is the same mold used for the KC, JK, and Yeti Aviar. Expect a similar slightly stable flight to the KC and JK Aviar.  


How this run feels: Fairly stiff with that unbeatable DX grip