XXL Scorcher Champion Firestorm

XXL Scorcher Champion Firestorm

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As the heat picks up on the course, fight fire with fire with the sizzling Scorcher Innova Champion Firestorm.

How this batch feels / other details: Minimal dome. Shiny, glossy Champion plastic.

More on the stamp: Sometimes a disc design looks so cool, you just have to stamp it on a disc. That’s how we felt about the Scorcher design that combines scorched skulls and clouds of smoke all fashioned in a familiar yin-yang shape. It’s a design that will continue to hold your attention long after you get it.

More on the Firestorm: The Firestorm is a wide-rimmed, speed 14 distance driver that some would describe as a faster, beat-in Destroyer. On low, level drives thrown with enough speed, the Firestorm flies straight with a forward-finishing fade.

Flight Numbers: 14 / 4 / -1 / 3

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