Collection: Prodigy Discs- Online Only (No Store Pickup)- Read First

These discs are shipped and fulfilled separately by Prodigy Discs. They are not available in store or for in store pickup ordering. With these discs, the stamp color, shade, weight etc may vary slightly you are not selecting the exact disc like with all of the rest of our site. Separate additional 6.99$ flat rate shipping fee for any order including any Prodigy Disc(s).

This is entirely NEW to us, and not tested out yet. So the first 5 customers to order Prodigy discs along with other items from out site, will get a full refund of the 6.99$ shipping fee and our 3.49$ shipping fee if it applies! Thank you for helping us test this out and supporting us. We do not have the space to carry Prodigy in our store but this way you can still buy it while supporting us and even earning Rewards points.

Currently only a few items available- we would like some feedback and testing first and will add everything they make if this works well.

 If there is a Prodigy item you'd like to buy using this- let me know and I'll add it right away!