Coming Soon

Here we will keep an updated list of new releases coming soon! Sometimes but not often, a shipment may not arrive in time for the official release date listed and we will try to update that.

All times are ET.

 2/28@11am- Kyle Klein Lumen Logic/Metal Flake DD

2/29@Midnight- Elevation Discs' 1st Distance Driver- Ecoflex Psychic

2/29@11am- Golden 10 Year FD-3

3/6@Noon- Nebula Ethereal Mantra/Pathfinder & Aura Coalesce

Unofficially but likely 3/8@12:01am- Paul McBeth Proto Kratos

3/13@11am- Color Lumen Essence

4/5@Midnight- Total Eclipse Pitch, Eclipse Crave