Bio- Ben

I started throwing discs in 1998 at the age of 13 and haven't stopped ever since. You'll find me at the shop 75%+ of the time we're open. Having been in the business of selling Disc Golf for over 11 years now, I can answer many technical questions, help you find a replacement for an obscure long-lost disc, or help you work on your throwing technique with a personal lesson.

In 2008, I traveled the country playing over 650 courses in 45 states, in just 8 months. This led me to tying World Champion Gregg Hosfeld for both being the first people (we played the same course together) to reach 1,000 Disc Golf courses played! Upon returning from this trip, I was given the opportunity to design the new course at Lakeshore. Once we realized what we had here, my family and I took some savings and opened up this store. Since then, I've helped design and/or build over a dozen courses. 

I don't play in any tournaments these days, but have won Open several times including a fairly large event with many top rated players back when I was younger. I've competed in over 100 PDGA events and 6 World Championships, winning the 2000 Amatuer Mini Golf and Junior Doubles titles. 


I adjust what I carry depending on the course I am playing and weather conditions, but this is a typical setup for me on a more challenging layout in average conditions.

Distance Drivers

Champion Corvette-165g, domey. This is my go-to for huge distance. It can handle a light wind too.

Star Destroyer-175g, domey. Sidearm, headwind drives, big hyzers.

Star Wraith-167g, domey. Controlled distance, tighter long fairways, straight long sidearms throws.

Champion Firestorm-175g, average. Big hyzers, long sidearms.

Champion Firebird-175g, flat. My favorite disc! Trick shots, spike hyzers, skips, tomahawks, short sidearms.

Star Firebird-175g, flat. Much longer and straighter than my Champion.

S-line CD2-172g, average. Controlled 's' shots, slight turnovers, hyzer flips and controlled gentle hyzers.

Fairway Drivers

Champion Leopard-175g, average. My go to for flip to straight fairway drives and slight turnovers.

C-Line FD, 175g, Flat (2nd run). This is my favorite disc to throw. Incredibly resistant to turn with a little fade. Note: other and current FD's do not fly like this rare 2nd run.

Champion Eagle X-175g, flat. Tight tunnels with hard fades, headwind wide open accuracy placement throws. 


Z Buzzz-180g, average. Tunnel shots, upshots, slight hyzers.

Z Buzzz SS-180g, average. Much straighter finish than the Buzzz, I use this when I need no fade or a slight flip up.

Quantum Sentinel-180g, average. This is my go to overstable midrange. Good for a medium wind, tunnel hyzers and some upshots, little skip.

Star Croc-175g, flat. Replaced my Zone for sidearm upshots. More reliable and stays off the ground better when flipped over. 


D Magnet-175g, average. My backup putter, always on hand for when nothing else is working, also use widely for short spin upshots.

Soft Magic-175g, average. My main putter these days, usually outside 15 ft. Also widely used for turnover upshots and short drives.

Champion Rhyno-175g, average. My go to for driving with a putter, spike hyzers. When I need to throw HARD but not go far.