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This collection contains all discs. Select any combination of values (as many as you want) from the green buttons then select the "show results" button in the green button's drop down area to search by Brand and/or Flight Ratings.

Speed- how fast the disc is capable of traveling, higher speeds do not neccessarily equate to more distance as it takes more effort and proper form to get them up to speed in the first place. Putters are typically 1-3, Midranges typically 4-6, Fairway Drivers typically 6-9, Distance Drivers typically 9-14+.

Glide- a discs' tendency to stay aloft.

Turn- for a clockwise spin throw, the more negative the turn is the more it will want to go to the right initially. Reverse for counter-clockwise spin. Zero means straight right out of the hand.

Fade- the higher the fade, the more it desires to fall back to the left as it slows down for a clockwise spin throw, and again reverse for counter-clockwise.