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David Wiggins Jr. Glow Halo Star Boss (2023)

David Wiggins Jr. Glow Halo Star Boss (2023)

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David Wiggins, Jr. knows a thing or two about disc golf. As the 2010 US Amateur Champion, 2010 Amateur World Champion, 5-time Junior World Champion, and the current Disc Golf Distance World Record Holder at 1108 feet, David can throw with the best of them. 

When it comes to picking a disc for distance, David is very specific. It’s the Boss. He’s set World Records with both R-Pro and Blizzard Champion versions in different weights, but when it comes to distance on the golf course, he’s identified what type of Boss he prefers. Low 170’s, domey, and stiff. This is the disc we created specifically for him, the David Wiggins, Jr. Tour Series Glow Halo Star Boss. We can’t guarantee you’ll be able to throw almost a quarter mile like David “Big Wig” Wiggins, but at least you’ll have the right tool for the job.

The Boss currently holds the Distance World Record (1108 ft or 338 meters) thrown by David Wiggins Jr. Designed for maximum distance off the tee. Great disc choice for sidearms or stronger backhand throwers.

A substantial portion of each sale will benefit David Wiggins Jr. and his touring efforts.

Flight rating: 13,5,-1,3

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