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Dx Mako3

Dx Mako3

Innova Discs

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Since its release, the Mako3 has become one of Innova’s most popular Mid-ranges among Pros and Ams alike. Its super-straight flight and minimal fade make fairways feel wider.
The DX Mako3 is a great new addition to our lineup. Though sometimes thought to be more for beginners, baseline plastic can be a huge asset to anyone looking for a little extra grip and glide or players who want to break in their new discs faster. Many professionals throw DX Mid-ranges and Putters because they prefer the feel of DX plastic for finesse shots.
With a lower price point, DX discs are an affordable way to get a stack of five or ten of the same mold to practice in the field. Master the DX Mako3 in the field, then head to the course with the confidence and ability to pure any line that you are faced with. At lighter weights, the DX Mako3 makes an excellent choice for a new player’s first disc.

Flight Numbers: Speed: 5     Glide: 5     Turn: 0     Fade: 0

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