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Jeremy Koling Proto Glow Halo Star Thunderbird (2024)

Jeremy Koling Proto Glow Halo Star Thunderbird (2024)

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The 2024 Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling Tour Series Proto Glow Halo Star Thunderbird is here! Big Jerm was hunting for Thunderbird items in the Pacific Northwest and found an authentic Thunderbird totem pole with this accompanying poem below. He is excited to share this story with his disc golf fans. We hope you enjoy the tale and the bright new Tour Series discs. Big Jerm thanks you!

Thunderbird Bear

"Found mainly on Kwakiutil pole, the Thunderbird is one of the most powerful spirits. It is said that he would often journey down from the Northen mountains, travel to the ocean and swoop down to catch a whale in his mouth. Lightning was said to emanate from his eyes while thunder rolled off his wings as he flew. The curled appendages on his head were said to be horns."

A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Jeremy and his touring efforts.

Flight rating: 9,5,0,2

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