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Kyle Klein Creator Series Special Blend Vanguard (Special Blend S-Line)

Kyle Klein Creator Series Special Blend Vanguard (Special Blend S-Line)


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Flight rating: 9,5,0,2

Vanguard showcases a new level of reliability in our fairway driver lineup. The blunt nose will feel resemblant to an FD1 or FD3 but has slightly smoother margins on the edges and rim on the molding, allowing it to sit more comfortably in the hand. A Vanguard meant to be thrown with force and relied upon when you need it most. A more powerful throw is able to carry forward on a rope and finish with moderate fade and steeper angles of throws can execute a hyzer line or anhyzer that returns reliably with ease.ย 

Pro tip: Creator series discs are signified by informational text embossed on the bottom of the disc so you always know what you are holding, no matter what happens to the fancy stamp on top.ย 

By purchasing this Creator Series release, you directly support Kyle Klein on tour!

Notes: the 'dome' ones are not SUPER domey just more dome than the rest and the 'flat' ones are not quite 100% board flat but just flatter than the rest.

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