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HandEye Supply Co Mission Rig Backpack

HandEye Supply Co Mission Rig Backpack

HandEye Supply Co

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The Mission Rig is Handeye's first "big bag" and we are very happy with how it came out. It has and does everything most disc golf bags have and do. It holds discs, and other stuff for other stuff. It has pockets and zippers and straps and silicone patched logos on it here and there. The quality overall is top notch and the design process was very educational and exciting from the drawing board, to the samples, the revisions, all the way to the final product.

Designing a disc golf bag is tricky. Dimensions are trickier. Dimensions are the different facets of what we perceive to be reality. We are immediately aware of the three dimensions that surround us on a daily basis, the x, y, and z axes. Scientists believe that the fourth dimension is time, which governs the properties of all known matter at any given point. Along with the three other dimensions, knowing an object's position in time is essential to plotting its position in the universe.

The Mission Rig is an object in our 3-D world, defined by what we understand and are still learning about our reality. Its position in time and in our universe is here and now. The time that it took to bring this bag into existence has since faded into wherever time goes after it has passed. All of the memories of working on it and how much fun the whole project was, fading away further and further into the past. I strongly feel these bags, their owners, and the adventures they will all go on are inherently engrained with "Good Energy"! I get filled with ideas and visions in rapid succession. A sense that I am there with each Rig. All over, but all at the same time. Can the fourth dimension plot my position in time and the universe if I feel my mind is more than an object? I had a dream that I opened the front pocket of that sample on my desk and slipped in an old wooden ladder my wife found at an estate sale. It slid all the way in and I climbed down it and could see 10 or so open windows just in the ladder's reach that led to other dimensions. comes in 3 colorways and is ready to party.
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