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Neo Paradigm

Neo Paradigm


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Product: Neo Paradigm
Plastic: Neo
Description: Paradigm is a clear example of excellence in a distance driver. Designed to fit comfortably in hand, this speedy driver was designed specifically to have the overall feeling of fairway driver characteristics but steps it up a notch with the speed. Paradigm excels with it’s uncanny ability to be manipulated in flight. The slightly under stable nature of the disc allows players to easily carve the fairways with “s-curve” (anhyzer) shots to various degrees, stable enough to be thrown dead straight, and can still be thrown on reliable hyzer lines without breaking the wrong way. 

Good for: Controlled distance, tailwind shots, touch forehand throws.

Compare to: CD1 (previously CD2) with some more speed and just as much glide.

Flight rating: 12,6,-1.5,2


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