*Pre Order* Proton Jet

*Pre Order* Proton Jet

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Please note:

1. There is NO official release date yet, we expect it to be around late July.

2. Please make a color/weight request and we will try to match it but cannot make any guarantees. 

3. If you order anything else with this item, it will not ship until this item does.

Flight rating: 11,5,-3,2

An instant hit with Streamline fans, the Jet is now available in Proton plastic! The extra durability of Proton pairs beautifully with the Jet’s easy distance for all arm speeds — this go-to driver is sure to be by your side for a long time! The Proton Jet is a phenomenal choice for players looking to add some effortless distance to their driving game. Now available in the candy colors of Proton plastic, pick up a Proton Jet and see your game take flight!

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