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Hive Disc Talon- Rescue Retriever- 16'

Hive Disc Talon- Rescue Retriever- 16'

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The Hive Disc Talon features a twin-pronged talon and telescoping pole, making it a great solution for retrieving hard-to-reach discs. Whether your disc is in the water, stuck in a tree, or trapped in a thorny thicket, you can feel confident that the Hive Disc Talon Retriever is up to the job. With a Talon Retriever in your bag, you’ll spend less time and effort retrieving discs and more time playing!

Caution: Use the extended pole cautiously with slow movements. Do not use this in high winds. Stay clear of electricity lines, pedestrians, and other structures.

  • The stainless steel telescoping pole extends up to 16 feet to ensure no disc is out of reach
  • Collapses to 18 inches when not in use for easy storage
  • Hive’s Talon retrieval top is designed to make retrieving discs a breeze
  • Pays for itself after only a few saved discs
  • Ideal accessory for any disc golfer
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