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Shockwave Apocalypse

Shockwave Apocalypse

Doomsday Discs

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The Apocalypse is proudly the most overstable, high-speed driver in the market. It is so overstable that calling it a “distance driver” is somewhat misleading. Though it has a wide rim that makes it very high speed, we doubt that anybody will be able to get any kind of distance out of a disc that fades so immediately and so dramatically. This disc can handle maximum power and will still dump hard, even in hurricane force winds (note: not yet tested in hurricane force winds). It is a very exciting disc for overhand throws and is an ultimate utility driver to get around objects when you would otherwise feel trapped. The Apocalypse is coming, so be prepared.

The Apocalypse = The World’s First Maximum Speed Non-Distance Driver

Flight rating: 14,1,+1,5

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