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Special Edition Swirly S-Line FD

Special Edition Swirly S-Line FD


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Product: Special Edition Swirly S-Line FD
Plastic: Swirly S-Line
Description: This particular Swirl FD is the first ever version produced in the Originals line with our factory in Sweden. With just a touch more stability versus our stock S-Line FD, Show Stopper handles Ella’s torque while keeping the FD feel and glide we know and love.

About the plastic: Swirl S-Line plastic is going to be grippy, durable, and contains unique striking swirl qualities throughout the blend. Swirl consistency and concentration will vary from one disc to the next. Some may be filled with many swirls while others have the potential to lean closer to one color way. This is from the same run as the Show Stopper.

Flight rating: 7,6,0,1

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