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Star Jay

Star Jay

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“I think it's the most point-and-shoot Mid-Range that we have” - Dave Dunipace. Simple as it sounds, a straight shot can be one of the most challenging shapes to pull off on the golf course. With the Innova Jay, aim at your target, release flat, and watch the disc fly perfectly on your intended line. With a modest fade, the Jay will finish gently and predictably in the center of the fairway.

The Jay is unique; it has great torque resistance, but is not overstable. That rare combination allows you to throw the disc hard and flat without it turning over or diving left at the end of the flight. It also makes the Jay one of the best mid-ranges in the Innova lineup for forehands. Where other mid-ranges might turn and burn into the ground, the Jay can handle the torque of a forehand, providing a similarly straight flight and mellow fade to backhands.

The low-profile, micro-beaded design fits comfortably in your hand for a clean release every throw. One of the most versatile, shapeable discs on the market, the Innova Jay is our new go-to choice for a one-disc round. The Jay comes in Champion and Star plastics, with the Champion Jay being a bit stiffer. Proto Star Jay’s are also available with an order limit of 25 discs. “This is a really good slot in the bag that I think most people need to fill.” - Innova Team member, Chris Shotwell. The Jay is about to become a staple for players everywhere.

Flight rating: 5,4,0,1

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