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Swirly Special Blend S-Line MD1

Swirly Special Blend S-Line MD1


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The Special Blend S-line plastic provides a sure grip and low profile for the MD1. Colors range from swirly to monochrome. Discs are listed by their main color - If you're looking for swirls, please let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to facilitate within the restraints of our supply.

Flight-wise, these MD1's are very close to the popular Mind Bender MD1's from 2022. A true point-and-shoot mid for most skill levels.


The MD1 was the first ever Discmania mold back in 2006. We wanted to Reinvent the MD1 to be the golden standard for straight flying midrange. You can shape any line and trust the MD1 to hold it and arrive at the destination with its magnificent glide.

Players will fall in love with the MD1 flat profile and beadless rim that feels comfortable and grippy in the beautiful C-line plastic.

The MD1 is a great choice for all skill levels and you go-to all around midrange to build your approach game.

Good for: Straight approach shots, Anhyzers, Hyzers, Short drives, all skill levels.

Flight rating: 5,6,0,0

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