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Zoe Andyke Signature Aura Mana

Zoe Andyke Signature Aura Mana

Thought Space Athletics

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The Mana, by Thought Space Athletics, is an understable midrange for when players want their throw to land in the opposite direction of the usual fade. It's a great utility disc for getting around objects on the course, and a great beginner disc as well. This new Zoe Andyke signature edition helps to support Zoe as she travels the country and the world with UPlay Disc Golf Foundation to teach the game in communities and schools.

The Mana is the newest disc model from Thought Space Athletics. It's an understable mid-range, filling a hole in their disc line-up that has been in high demand. For beginners, it's extremely fade-resistant. For experienced players, it is a great utility disc to anhyzer away from the usual direction of fade. These discs look great and are fun to throw.

Flight rating: 5,6,-3,1

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